Local Collaborative Event - CARIBBEAN EXPO (2018) AT UNITY

Members of UBIM represented Barbados in the 34th Annual Caribbean Expo held at Unity Sports and Cultural Club in Dorchester. The members gave away free samples of our national dish - cou-cou with saltfish gravy.  Patrons were also able to sample savory fish cakes, conkies, peanuts, sugar cakes, black/rum cake, sweet bread, lemonade and mauby. On hand were also products made in Barbados such as shirley biscuits and Pine Hill Dairy punch boxes, The UBIM team represented Barbados well at this expo.  26 Islands were represented at the expo which was well attended.  Team Barbados placed 3rd in presentation.


Congratulations and job well done goes out to Julia Hollingswoth (BCCB), Sonya Best (Melbourne), Patricia Goring (Church Service Committee), Maureen Prescod (SEDFOB), Auntie Marcia and Andrea Collymore (Independents) and Oasis Cafe.


March 30, 2019

BCCB Event

Food Sale

555 River St, Mattapan

April 6, 2019

CHA Event

Cou Cou Rama

St. Cyprians Church

May 18, 2019

CHA Event

Shopping Trip to

New York







June 8, 2019

BCCB Event

Food Sale

555 River St, Mattapan

Festival 2018 Flyer.jpg
Barbados Festival Day in Boston


This is an annual community event that is open to all.  We invite vendors from all walks of life to come and sell their wares, educate us or entertain us. This is a great event to bring the children to learn about the Barbadian culture, taste our food, enjoy our music and above all, have a great time.

Oistins Night 


Oistins in Barbados is a place to go on Friday nights.  This active fishing town during the day turns into a hub of activity at night, where locals and tourists alike come out to enjoy great food and other entertainment right by the ocean.  We try to bring a piece of that to Massachusetts.  You get to enjoy the great food, music and karaoke. Nothing like a good Bajan lime.

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Island in the Sun

Barbados Independence Gala

The Barbados Independence Gala in Massachusetts have become the talk of the town.  This is a semi-formal event but you wouldn't be able to tell it's semi-formal because Bajans show up dress to the nine - the women have on their shimmering gown with the sparkling jewelry, while the men are dashing in their well tailored suits.  But don't let the fact the are all dressed up fool you, when the music start to play...they're ready to party. By the time the entertainer comes on stage, they are well warmed up and ready to crank it up a notch.  Last November 2018, we were honored to have the legendary Red Plastic Bag from Barbados in Boston to celebrate and entertain us.  He did not disappoint us.  RPB sang all our favorite songs and gave us a great show. He stuck around and became one with the people after his performance.  What a night!!