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Who we are...

The United Barbadians in Massachusetts, (UBIM) has been formed with the full support of the Barbados Consulate in New York. This  entity foresees preparations of the Boston, Massachusetts Barbados Independence Celebrations to be held annually in the month of November.

How we came about...

The idea of an umbrella organization  was the brain child of Lennox Price, who was the Honorary Consul General at New York.  A Town Hall meeting organized by the Consul General’s office at New York called upon Barbadians and Barbadian Organizations in Massachusetts to come together to form an umbrella organization responsible for planning the official Independence celebrations in Massachusetts; most specifically, to host a gala in celebration of Barbados' 50 years of independence on November 30, 2016.

Two Ad-Hoc committees were formed to ensure the UBIM organization would be a functioning organization ready to host the 50th independence gala  – The Fund Raising Committee and The Constitution/By-Laws Committee. 

The Fund Raising Committee planned the social activities for the two years leading up to the 50th's anniversary of independence, while the Bylaws Committee's sole responsibility was the establishment of a constitutional framework for UBIM.


The organization is in full force and have continued to culturally stimulate the Barbadian community in Massachusetts through the hosting of fundraising events such as Oistin's Night and the Barbados Festival Day in Boston, which finances the Barbados Independence Gala, held annually in November. UBIM has also organized Flag Raising Ceremonies at Boston City Hall, in recognition of Barbados' independence and to recognize the contribution of our people in the growth and development of the United States of America, or adopted home.

Our Member Organizations

Barbadian Cultural Committee of Boston, Inc.

Barbados Independence Church Service Committee

Caribbean Heritage Association Inc.

Melbourne Sports and Cultural Club

Socio Economic Development Foundation

Our History
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Barbados is a small island in the Atlantic. Prior to Barbados being settled by the British, it was home to Arawaks and Caribs, who were inhabitants of the island. The island was an English colony from 1625 to 1966.  Barbados gained independence from England on November 30, 1966. 

Our Committees
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The "Fish Fry" Committee.

The "Oistin's Night" Committee.

The "Festival Day" Committee.

Barbados Independence Celebration Committee.

Our Goals

Our primary goal is to continue to work within our community to share our rich culture and heritage.  To be a resource to our fellow Barbadians wherever they reside in Massachusetts.

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